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The Supplement for Kids

Kids’ brains grow rapidly in their formative years. Starting from age two, they will need the best supplements for holistic brain development.

Source: Thompson RA, Nelson CA, Developmental Science and the media. Early brain development. Am Psychol.2001;56:5-15

With BrainFit, kids get a treat that is both healthy and yummy while parents are assured of the quality of the supplement. After all, smart and happy kids make happy parents.

Why BrainFit?

Each gummy of BrainFit contains quality ingredients designed to enhance brain function for focus development and cognitive skills.

With Phosphatidyl-serine(PS) as its key ingredient and a delicious citrus flavour that kids love, BrainFit is the ultimate solution for parents seeking supplements for all-round smart and healthy kids.

Because BrainFit is beyond brainy.

What is PS?

An essential brain building block and key brain development compound backed by scientific research, PS has been proven to:

  • Improve memory and sharp thinking
  • Support cognitive skills and abilities
  • Enhance concentration and learning


BrainFit uses only the best and most suitable quality ingredients that are sourced under the strictest regulations and control.

  • Phosphatidyl-serine(PS)
  • Omega-3
  • DHA
  • EPA
  • Krill Oil

Who is Hero B?

He’s not a bird or a plane. He may look like a superhero, but he’s still a kid at heart!

Introducing Hero B, BrainFit’s mascot and the brainy superhero that parents have been waiting for!

His mission is to help kids grow up as smart as they can be.

Let’s play!

Looking for some brain-stimulating fun that you and your kid can do together?

Try these and discover why such activities help in children’s brain development!

Colour Your Happy Comic
Get Through the Maze
Find the Orange

Try BrainFit Today

Because smarter and healthier kids make happier kids and parents!

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