Where is BrainFit manufactured?

BrainFit is formulated in Singapore by NCI Health with ingredients made in the USA. The gummies are later sent to an established 3rd party gummy manufacturer for production.

How can BrainFit be sugar-free and still taste good?

We replaced sugar with maltitol, a natural sweetener for our sugar-free gummies.

What is Maltitol?

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol found naturally in fruits and vegetables. This carbohydrate is low in calories and helps prevent cavities. Maltitol is a commonly used alternative to sugar in products such as toothpaste, baked goods and candies.

Does taking BrainFit gummies daily causes tooth decay?”?

No, BrainFit contains ingredients that are tooth friendly. 

Does BrainFit contain gelatin?

No, it doesn't. We used pectin, a natural fruit fibre, to make our BrainFit gummies.

How do I store BrainFit?

Please keep the gummies in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat and sunlight.

Why do the BrainFit gummies lump together in the bottle?

The lumping of gummies is a common phenomenon, especially with sugar-free gummies. To counteract gummy clumping, we recommend shaking the bottle before opening it.

Clumping does not occur in regular gummies because sugar coating is used to prevent clumping from taking place. However, the sugar content in the gummies can be unhealthy and damage cavities.

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