[Discover Recogen®]— Part 4: Who needs Recogen®?

[Discover Recogen®]— Part 4: Who needs Recogen®?

Recogen® is ideal for anyone who wants to stay active or wishes to reduce the risk of degenerative joint disease.

Recogen® will benefit:

-Those at risk of degenerative joint diseases such as:

a) osteoarthritis
b) skeletal deformity and abnormal joint position
c) inflammatory joint diseases
d) crystal-induce arthritis
e) other metabolic or neurogenic diseases

-Senior citizens

-Individual with traumatic injuries or with a history of significant joint injury such as fracture or ligamentous injury

-Overweight individuals

-Individuals with jobs that increases the chances of osteoarthritis. Usually in jobs that involve repetitive movements, heavy lifting and, prolonged standing like textile workers, miners, dock workers, carpenters, floor layers, and painters.

-Individuals participating in extensive non-occupational physical activities including recreational runners/walkers, cyclists, gardeners, soccer/football players.

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Read on to find out how Recogen® works!

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